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Have you ever used the USPS (united states postal service)? For anything?

Think about it for a minute... because I can guarantee that just about all of you have. At some point or another. And that you likely still do, for some reason that you may not even think about.

Now think about the fact that your ability to use it, in fact it's very existence in your town, could change at any time in the next few months.

Not sure what I mean? Well... to be honest I can't explain it as well as Naamah did. Please Click Here and read.

Here's a quick summary for you:
"Basically, some people in the USPS are pushing fast and hard to change the USPS radically, closing many, many locations and potentially subcontracting for retail and delivery services......

Without our federally protected mail service, we have no guarantees that our mail will get where it is going, let alone in a timely fashion, or that it will arrive safe and unopened........

Two-thirds of the over 4,800 postal stations and branches nationwide will be submitted for review, a review process which does not involve public or media notification, involves only a ten-day input period from the public (remember, with no prior notification required), and for which there is no appeals process. These evaluations of post offices in your city will happen over the course of sixty days. Sixty. That is all the time they are going to take to determine how much this will affect the American public and paying USPS customers.

This is against the law. The fundamental nature of the postal service is federally protected and it cannot be changed without an act of Congress, yet the changes that are being proposed will most definitely constitute large changes.

The USPS upper management has kept this to itself. The public DOES NOT KNOW."

And it needs to.

And the public needs speak up.

And once you've read, when you understand...

Be heard.

Naamah has given her permission to link to her entry anywhere; what's important is getting this out there. Please don't hesitate to do so.



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